Emmett with nanny Maggie, or per Lola, ‘Mags’

Maggie’s stunnah shades!

what was life like without him?

This past Saturday we drove out to Hood River for some apple picking & pressing action.

Emmett had his 4 month check up on the 24th of September. His hernia related distended belly button is no longer an issue, he may still have a hernia but it’s not obvious anymore – he still has reflux and continues to take the same liquid meds Lola did when she was his age, we’re hopeful it passes but his stomach issues seem more acute than her’s were. I’m still off dairy as we’re pretty certain the dairy proteins make him more irritable than “normal”, hard to say, he can be tough to please. Onto the details:

Weight – 16.5 pounds, 90th percentile
Height – 25.75 inches, 80th percentile
Head – 43.9 centimeters, 90th percentile

He had two vaccines & handled it as well as can be expected, better than having his ears looked at!

In the time it’s taken me to write this post (according to Lola & Grandma Annie because OF COURSE! I missed it) Emmett rolled from both stomach to back & back to stomach.

At 4 month & 1 week Emmett had his first solid food of rice cereal. He took to it immediately, somehow not surprising considering how big he is.

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