getting ready for the return of grudge or, his weekend in the woods.

Bummer #1 – Emmett’s had a pretty nasty cold for well over a week & I noticed a few days ago he was shuddering a lot. During his 9 month check up our pediatrician checked his ears & I was surprised to hear both of his ears were infected. Shuddering can be a pain related response. So, we’re on antibiotics and will hopefully be good as new soon – though the not good wasn’t particularly noticeable.

Bummer #2 – Several months ago Emmett developed an abscess on his butt (sorry, no great way to be discrete), the pediatrician had to cut & drain it and I had to give him baths in Epsom salts until my skin started to disintegrate (plus antibiotics) – the baby, not the pediatrician. The culture was inconclusive, the wound healed – and we went on with our lives. The same spot has refilled three times since & ‘heals’. After discussing what’s been happening with the pediatrician today he determined it’s a fistula and will require surgery (!). So we’ll be scheduling time to talk to Dr. Krishnaswami about where to go from here.

The stats:

Weight – 21 lbs 1 oz, 72 percentile
Height – 29 1/2 inches long, 80 percentile
Head circumference – 47.7 centimeters, 97 percentile

Tim was doing push ups and Em positioned himself right underneath

Lola joins in

Emmett, Eating – 8 Months from sara on Vimeo.

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