These were all taken at Yaquina State Park, just north of Newport.

Lola took this photo, Emmett is pointing to a bunch of seals lounging on an out cropping just below the cliff.


Oregon Coast Aquarium

His favorite part was throwing little rocks from the path into the plants

And the beach, of course.

Emmett’s day was pretty low key.

He cuddled

Excavated a triceratops with a kitchen knife

Played in the waves, not a fan

Played in a fresh water stream on the beach, huge fan

So, that “under the weather” Em was feeling was diagnosed as Croup in the Lincoln City ER at 1am this morning.   Steroids and 3 hours of sleep on board and he’s slamming popsicles and playing.    The blue tube I’m holding is a breathing treatment,  humid air and oxygen.   Thankfully Grandma Annie is with us so she’ll be spending the day with Emmett while Lola, Tim & I hunt for Japanese tsunami debris.


We’re staying near Agate Beach in a place called Alpine Chalets.  Tim stayed here as a child so it’s fun for a few reasons.    Sadly Em isn’t feeling well and I dropped my cell phone in the ocean,  hopefully Em feels better soon and the phone was probably for the best,  vacation mandated by nature.

Picking wild huckleberries

His Grandpa Brian lounge chair

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